Price calculation

In this guide, you can check how the system calculates the price for a specific transfer service.

  • 1. Set as a partner
  • 2. Driver Routes
  • 3. Service
  • 4. Price Rules
  • 5. Price difference
  • 6. Price calculated by price rules
  • 7. Special Dates Price
  • 8. Recalculating the price by including adds for special dates
  • 9. Commission calculation
  • 10. Final Price
  • 11. Return Transfer Price
  • 12. Check Final Price

1. Set as a partner

You should set as a partner.


2. Driver Routes

Go to menu option Routing/Routes D and find a root.

Press link Price.


3. Service

Find Vehicle type and note the price as a DriverBasePrice.

Also, note which price rules is selected.


4. Price Rules

If selected Price Rules is

GLOBAL / Go to menu option Prices/PriceRules.

ROUTE /Go to menu option Routing/RouteD and than press the link Route/Price Rules field iin selectted route row.

VEHICLE / Go to menu option Routing/Driver Vehicle Type and than press the link Vehicle in Price Rules field iin selectted vehicle row.

SERVICE / Go to menu option Pricing/Services and than  Press the link Service in Price Rules field.

See if the date and time of the transfer belogns into one or more time intervals in the pricing rules.


If so, note all that values as a add%1, add%2,.. for percentage or add1, add2 ... for absolute value.

5. Price difference

You need to calculate the price difference.

addToPrice = (add%1 + add%2+ ....)*DriverBasePrice/100

The rules are expressed only in percentages.

addToPrice = add1+ add2+ ...

The rules are expressed only in absolute monetary values

addToPrice = add%1 *DriverBasePrice/100+add2+....

The rules are expressed both in percentages and absolute monetary values

addToPrice = 0

Price rules are not set


6. Price calculated by price rules

You need to add the previously calculated price difference. You will get DriversPriceAdd.

DriversPriceAdd = DriversPrice + addToPrice


7. Special Dates Price

Go to menu option Pricing/Special Dates and check if date and time is in special dates intervals

Note this percentage as Special Dates Percentage.

8. Recalculating the price by including adds for special dates

You need to recalculate the price by including the special date allowance, if any.

Recalculated prices will be SDPriceDiff.

SDPriceDiff = DriversPriceAdd+ DriversPriceAdd*Special Dates Percentage/100

if there is no

SDPriceDiff = DriversPriceAdd

9. Commission calculation

Setout as a partner.

Go to menu option Master/Users and find selected partner. Find provision percentage table for selected vehice type class Find the interval for calculated price and note percantage as a Commission.


10. Final Price

Calculate Final price on this way.

FinalPrice = SDPriceDiff + SDPriceDiff*Commission/100

11. Return Transfer Price

For transfer price, which is a one way transfer of return transfer order, go to Routing/Driver's Vehicle Types, and note Return Discount Percentage as RD. Reduce the Final price on this way.

Return Transfer Final Price = (1-RD/100)*FinalPrice


12. Check Final Price

You can see the Final Price in Dashboard option Get route prices.