Creating an order for transfer

  • 0. Login
  • 1. Agent company
  • 2. New Transfer
  • 3. Purchaser
  • 4. Route
  • 5. Partner - driver
  • 6. Passenger
  • 7. Payment
  • 8. Status
  • 9. Return transfer
  • 10. Calendar

0. Login

You need to log in with test credentials. Contact us to get them.

1. Agent company

If you do not have an agency in the system that is a transfer orderer, you should create one, similar to how a partner company is created.

2. New Transfer

You will create a new (empty) passenger transfer order. The order will automatically receive the order number and date. Order status will be TEMP (temporary).

To create a new blank order, press the NEW button in the lower right corner.

3. Purchaser

You need to set up a customer. If it's an agent, you'll select the agent level. You will also be set the user who books the order. By default, it is your account that you are logged in with.


4. Route

  1. Fill the number of passengers.
  2. In relation to that number and the desired level of service, choose the type of vehicle from the list offered.
  3. Fill the day and time of the transfer.
  4. Fill The route on the right side.
  5. Form the Pickup location. Type the first three letters. Find and press the desired location.
  6. If desired location  is not in the list, it should be entered letter by letter.
  7.  Fill the address of the pickup location.
  8. If a defined location is selected, the list of routes is being filled. It contents the Drop off locations from routes whose pickup point is the selected location.
  9. Choose the drop off location, which is automatically entered in the field below.
  10. If desired route is not there, choose or enter the drop off location in the same way as the pickup.
  11. Fill the address of drop location.

5. Partner - driver

Option 1

Select driver from select box

Fill Driver's price

Option 2

Press the button magnifying glass

Choose the appropriate service

Press on - name of the partner

Fill Driver's price


Option 3

Press the button magnifying glass

Choose the appropriate service

Press on  - final price 

Changed Status from No driver to Not Confirmed.

Edit fields about a driver

6. Passenger

  • Fill first and last name, phone number and email
  • Enter the country code for the phone
  • Enter the flight number and the time of arrival or departure
  • Select the extra service and fill the prices for it

7. Payment

  • Check and edit previously entered data.
  • Select Payment type
  • Fill in the fields for different payment types according to the selected type 

8. Status

  • Change status to Active
  • Fill the messages boxes 

9. Return transfer

The return transfer is automatically created by copying the necesary data from the outgoing transfer.

  • Press the button to create a return transfer (
  • Change the time for the return transfer (
  • Change the Flight time and Flight number (
  • Add the same or different extra service (
  • Activate this return transfer (
  • Change the driver and final price according to the return transfer discount defined in the driver's vehicle types option

10. Calendar

  • To check the entered order, the Calendar option can be used
  • Select the month and year of the transfer
  • Find a suitable transfer
  • The link leads to detailed transfer information in the Orders option